FAQ's for Seller

Artup.in enables artists and art-owners to sell their art quickly, easily and at fair prices.

You just have to click on ‘Sign Up’ button located on the top right hand corner of the website. You will be directed to a new page where you can create a new account for ‘Buyer’ or ‘Seller’. Fill in your details and submit. You will receive an email confirming your registration.
Our vision is to build a socially curated platform wherein artists can display all their creations and buyers can choose art that they love. Hence, we ourselves do not curate the art. All original and genuine art is allowed to be uploaded on the website. 
As of now, we only sell paintings. We accept handmade and digital artworks. These must be authentic and genuine. If you want to let us sell the prints, please mention it and upload a high-resolution image along with these photographs. That image will not be displayed to others.
ArtUp.in encourages you to reshuffle art. Please ensure that the artwork is in good condition – no damages, scratch free, no warping, colour should not have faded,  etc. 

Upload the photographs and select the option that states that you are the owner (and not the artist). You should definitely price the art accordingly and you are all set to sell!

If it is an art that you have created, it is mandatory to provide an authenticity certificate. 
For selling previously owned art, the certificate would make the sale easier. But, even without one, you are clear to go.

Paintings both framed and unframed are appropriate for sale. If the art is framed, please include a photograph of the framed art and mention dimensions with and without the frame.

We would request artists who are selling unframed art to attach a wire or some hardware so that the art can be hung easily in the buyers’ home. If the artwork is on paper or thin material and needs to be framed, you do not need to include a wire or hardware. Please ensure that the painting is properly rolled and put in a tube which will ensure that there is no damage during transport.

There are no size or weight limitations. The buyers will be based in India. Do note that the shipping has to be done by you so we recommend that you sell smaller and lighter pieces to begin with. 

We are currently only operational in India. We hope to soon include international artists.
There is no contract with us. You can have your artwork visible elsewhere also but we urge you to try us exclusively for 30 days. If your art gets sold through some other source or directly, please do remove it from ArtUp.in.

You retain the copyright! We will not reproduce your original artwork, other than for the sale of prints only when approved by you.
The first step to successful online selling is a great display of your work. We therefore carefully evaluate the photographs uploaded. We aim to review within 24 to 72 hours of them being submitted. You will be notified of the results.

We will tell you the reason behind the art not being approved. Once you login and fix this, the painting will go back to ‘Pending’ in the review process again.
If any of your artwork remains on the marketplace for too long, we will ask you to replace the work. We hope through ArtUp.in, you will see what buyers prefer and you can sell accordingly.

We offer a unique pricing model, very different from anything done by other websites and galleries. We believe this would be a better way to sell artworks online. We give artists level that can be unlocked the more they sell.

Level I – Silver Level 
All artists / owners can upload paintings worth less than Rs. 15,000. They can upload 10 paintings at any particular time. Artworks can be added whenever paintings are sold. 

To unlock the next level, paintings worth Rs. 30,000 must be sold.

Level II - Gold Level
In this level, you can upload 25 paintings and have a price limit of Rs. 50,000.

Rs. 1,00,000 worth of paintings must be sold to unlock the next level.

Level III - Platinum Level
You can now sell paintings for a price limit of Rs. 1,00,000 and can upload 50 paintings. 
ArtUp.in decides the price of prints based on:
  • Price of original artwork
  • Price of similar works in the marketplace
  • Printing costs
  • Packaging and shipping charges
For original handmade paintings, ArtUp.in receives 10% of the gross amount.

For digital works and paintings that are printed by us, we will keep 80% of the gross amount because we are paying for the printing, packaging, shipping, taxes and operations.

We try to give as much as possible back to the artists.

Payments will be deposited in your account after 10 days of receipt of the painting by the buyer. This is to account for our 7-day return policy.
The seller must prepare the bill on his or her own name to the buyer. ArtUp.in is a platform and therefore cannot generate the invoice to the buyer.
Packing and shipping the artwork is the seller’s responsibility. This is because you know your art the best and can do the best job. To keep things simple, you need to include shipping and packing costs in the price itself.

Please find a responsible courier company that will handle your paintings with care. 

Along with the art, do remember to send the return-shipping label also, if the courier company has such a system.
While shipping the painting, do also send your bill and certificate of authenticity.

Remember to send a return label with the shipment, in case the item may have to be returned.

Please notify ArtUp.in as soon as you ship the artwork to the buyer. Tell us the shipping company name and the tracking ID. 
Once the buyer informs us of the damage, we will immediately notify you. 

While receiving the art, if the buyer finds that the package is damaged from outside, we will ask them not to accept the painting. ArtUp.in will send you a photo and ask you to contact the courier company immediately.

If the damage is minor, such as glass being broken or a frame dented, we will give 5% or 15% respectively of the price to the buyer as compensation. This amount will be deducted by us from the sale amount to be sent to you.

If the painting itself has been damaged, we will inform you and ask you to get it collected by the courier service from the buyer’s home. If the damages are irreparable, ArtUp.in will refund the full amount to the buyer.

We recommend insuring the product so that the damages done by the courier company are borne by them.