About Us

ArtUp your world!

We work with passion to bring you art that you will love. ArtUp.in enables you to buy original art from a vast spectrum of artists and art-owners at very reasonable and fair prices effortlessly.

Whatever your interest, your style, your inspiration – we're sure to have pieces you can't live without.

You create, We sell

We provide a platform for you, the artist, to sell art quickly and easily saving your precious time, energy and creative mood.

Reshuffle your art collection

We want you, the art-owner, to grow your love of art. Sell the paintings you have out-grown and buy more of what you now desire, as you evolve in your appreciation and understanding of art.

Let art inspire you

There are moody days when you imagine yourself in a black and white photograph, and other days when you see your happy childhood memories in whimsical colourful abstracts, to when you are drawn back to your roots looking at the simplistic nature of folk art, and more calming days looking at landscapes and reminiscing about the beauty of nature.

Let art draw you in and help you get lost in a whole new world!

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